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Tennis ... Hall County
Bobby Bailey Tennis Center
at Alberta Park
5575 Jim Crow Road, Flowery Branch, Georgia
Sunday, November 19, 2017 
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Captain's Page



The following information is important and will help you carry out your duties as Captain this season -such as court reservations, court fees and clean up procedures. By reserving the courts for your team, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agreee to abide by these rules. 

This information should be shared with your team members. If there is a new captain for your team, please let us know and forward this information to that new captain.


1) DEADLINES for confirmation of teams playing at each facility

To ensure that you have reserved a spot for your team to play out of any of the courts in Hall County and to make sure there are no issues with the number of teams at each facility, the captain must send a confirming email to walt@tennishallcounty.com as soon as the team is established with USTA, NEGTA or ALTA.  The timeframe for sending a confirming email to us is the same as the deadlines required by USTA, NEGTA and ALTA to establish your team. 

We receive inquiries every season from new teams that want to play out of our facilities, therefore, in order to give preference to our existing teams, teams that have played out of a facility in the past must let us know (i.e. send the confirming email) if they plan to play again during this season.


2)  Tennis...Hall County's Contract with Hall County Parks and Leisure Services (HCPLS)

HCPLS is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the courts and the park grounds around the courts.  That means things like:  replacing nets and net straps, windscreens, keeping the courts clean and in good playing shape, picking up the trash, etc.  For maintenance issues, tennishallcounty.com (and Walt Kilmartin) tries to keep HCPLS informed on what needs to be done around the County's courts and Clubhouse. However, if you notice maintenance issues or have concerns, although we would like to know about them and will advise the County, please make those issues known directly to HCPLS at 770-535-8280 or Mike Little, Parks Director, mlittle@hallcounty.org.


You are probably aware, tennishallcounty.com/Walt Kilmartin has the exclusive contract and right to provide all tennis lessons and any and all tennis programming on all Hall County courts which includes Hog Mountain Sports Complex, Sardis Sports Complex, Laurel Park, East Hall Community Center, Spouts Springs Sports Complex at Flowery Branch High School and Bobby Bailey Tennis Center (BBTC) at Alberta Banks.  


3)  Court Reservations

If you are a new Captain, you should register on the website,  tennishallcounty.com, in order to get access to the Court Scheduler and  be able to reserve courts for league play.  If you have problems registering or if you have registered before and have forgotten the password, please let us know as soon as possible. Please do not re-register as it causes problems in the sysetme with dual registrations.


Each team is guaranteed 2 courts for team playduring the season including through playoffs. And, 2 courts for practice, subject to availability. Before each match, if you would like additional courts, you can call us to see if more courts are available.  If courts are available, we will let you know so you can reserve additional courts.


Once the teams have been established and court fees are paid, we will give the captains "Captain's Status" which will allow the captains to reserve courts for home matches for the entire season. If there are multiple teams that have home matches on the same day (i.e. Tuesday and Thursday Ladies Teams) there may be the need to rotate the additional court reservations to assure fairness to each team.  Specific courts may be rotated amoun teams for fairness. If there are only 2 courts available for each team, we will make the appropriate changes in the lenght of time allow for all lines to complete their matches. "Captain Status" will be changed at the end of the season to allow for the next season's captains. 

Although it is not required to make the reservations for the entire season in advance, as a "captain" you will have the capability on the court scheduler to reserve 2 courts for home matches for the entire season. We encourage you to make the reservations for the season in advance.

For practice courts, make up matches and post season matches, the captain should make the reservations on the court scheduler.

4) Court Fee Payments

Please note that the policy has changed.  Payments for the court fees are due no later than the week before the FIRST match regardless of whether it is home or away.   Checks should be made payable to Walt Kilmartin and mailed or dropped by 5575 Jim Crow Road, Flowery Branch, 30542. If payment is not received one week before the 1st match, your team will not be guaranteed courts for home play or practice.

The season fee includes make up courts if that is necessary and weekly practice courts based upon availability. The fee for Teams playing out of BBTC at Alberta Banks is Two hundred dollars ($200) per team per tennis season.  Teams that play out of Sardis, HMSC, SSSC/FBHS, the fee is $150.

Beginning fall season 2014, the fee for a Senior Team (i.e. those that play ONLY 3 LINES and are designated as Senior by USTA/ALTA/NEGTA) has been reduced to $150 per season at BBTC and $100 per season for those at Sardis, Hog Mountain and Spout Springs


The fee for Juniors will also remain the same, $100, per team per season. 


There is a special rate for an adult or junior team that uses a coach/pro from Tennis... Hall County. Please call us for details.


5)  Use of Clubhouse and Pavilions

Teams at BBTC may use the Clubhouse for home matches.  On dates that there are multiple teams that have home matches, all teams will be using the clubhouse and must share the facility.  In addition to the permanent table in the clubhouse, there are 2 folding tables and 2 smaller tables for your use.


Please be advised there is no "cleaning crew" for the main area and bathroom at the Clubhouse.  Each team is responsible for cleaning up after each use.  There are cleaning supplies (brooms, sponge mop, paper towels, etc.)  available. 

For cleanup, the following items need to be addressed:

  • pull the trash bags  and place in one of the large blue trash cans outside. Replace with a new bag  located on the kitchen counter.
  • floors should be swept and lightly mopped.   Unfortunately, the new floor is sensitive to water, therefore spills should be wiped up quickly and care should be taken with coolers - they may be placed on counters or tables or on the porch
  • floor mats should be swept or shaken outside
  • Recycling.  Keep Hall Beautiful has provided BBTC with recycling binds on each court and around the Clubhouse.  Please Recycle.
  • all counter tops and tables used should be wiped down, as well as the kitchen sink.
  • Please make sure there is no food left in the sink
  • All teams playing on the saem day should assure that the bathroom is cleaned up regardles of where you tables are set up.


Thank you for helping to make sure the next team has a clean Clubhouse.


For the teams that have played out of HMSC and Spouts Springs Sports Complex (SSSC) at FBHS, you know that we have a covered pavilion at each location that is available for team use.  Also for team use, there is one picnic table at each location.  

For HMSC and SSSC, the area should be cleaned up and trash should be placed in the appropriate trash containers.



Good Luck for the season.  Your comments and suggestions to make it a great season are welcomed.



1) Deadlines

2) Tennis...Hall County's Responsibilities


3) Court Reservations


4) Court Fees


5) Clubhouse and Trash Disposal

6) Your Comments Welcomed


Share this information with your teammates!

Please Recycle!

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